"The ultimate aim of Karate lies not in victory or defeat, but in the perfection of the character of its participants." -- Gichin Funakoshi

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Getting Specific

Alternate Title: I suck

So I have yet to do a single pushup outside of the dojo. So it's time to work out the specifics.

Goal: 20 pushups/day

Plan: drop and give me 20 first thing in the morning. Before I even check my email or catch up on all those blogs I lurk around. This will involve not hitting the snooze button on the alarm so as to not cut into my computer time during the work week.

Reward: If I've managed to make it through the whole week without skipping my pushups even once, I'll reward myself with a single scoop from Baskin Robbins on Saturday night. Not the healthiest choice, I'm sure. But maybe it will motivate me.

So that's the new plan. I need to find a sticker chart or something I can post on here to keep track of it - something someone besides me or my hubby will see to keep me on track.

Gee, rewards and sticker charts - guess you all know I'm a preschool teacher now, huh?

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supergroup7 said...

"Alternate Title: I suck"

Now.. now.. this perception needs readjusting.

Obviously you are not satisfied with your performance.. but by labelling yourself in a negative way, aren't you belittling your own efforts?

Instead, I would encourage you to look at the fact that you haven't lost your will to "TRY". See your efforts more as having a strong tenacity, and determination. Keep putting forth the energy to meet your goal, and you WILL succeed.

"A black belt is just a white belt who never quit."