"The ultimate aim of Karate lies not in victory or defeat, but in the perfection of the character of its participants." -- Gichin Funakoshi

Friday, December 15, 2006

Tekki Sho

Constructive criticism is welcome, but please don't just say "you suck."


Sensei Michael said...

Still "dancing" a little on some moves; you want to run the entire kata without your belt leaving a level plane. You seem obviously uncomfortable and out of your element.

Same things I talked about with early kata this week. Focus, make it real in your mind. Snap and power will come in time, work the rhythm. Concentrate on those things we worked on as whitebelts.

You've come a long way on this kata, but you seem more comfortable in more advanced kata.

blackbeltmama said...

Very cool! This looks almost exactly like a kata we do called Nai Hanchi Shodan. There are just a few differences. Maybe I'll post it some day so you can see it. . . when all the Christmas colds clear up at my house.

Sensei Michael said...

I originally learned this as Nai Hanchi Shodan, although the Japanese refer to it as Tekko Shodan (Iron Horse). The similarities are astounding; one thing about this version is you will notice quite a few self defense bunkai once you pick up on the kata. There are over 200 trap and knockout techniques in this kata, and only what, 20 moves total?

This is a great kata at all levels!

Sensei Michael said...

Err, Tekki, not Tekko.

Sensei can't type today.

Becky said...

Very cool. In Isshinryu, we call this kata Niahanchi. It is the third kata we learn--after seisan and seiunchin.

Gordon White said...

I applaud you for putting your self up on the web for public comment.

I am not a Karate stylist, but my 2 cents are that you are not yet confident with all the techniques yet. I would start putting in a lot of reps on the form to make it second nature.

I have just posted a video on my blog of my Korean Grandmaster performing what I think is this same form back in the mid 1960's. If any of the Karate folks would take a look and tell me if it is the same form, I would appreciate it.


thanks, and happy new year!