"The ultimate aim of Karate lies not in victory or defeat, but in the perfection of the character of its participants." -- Gichin Funakoshi

Friday, December 28, 2007

it was good to be home

Sensei-Hubby and I worked a visit to the dojo in to our holiday whirlwind tour last night. This morning I am becoming reaquainted with muscles I had forgotten existed. It's a good pain.

We didn't get to see everyone of course. There were several people out of town or for whatever various and sundry reasons not there last night. To you I say, we'll try again next year.

It was so good to train again. But I have to admit I'm very glad it was a self-defense focused class. I would have completely fallen all over myself trying to remember kata. Which brings me to another resolution to add to my list - find a space to practice kata and use it regularly. We really don't have the space in our apartment, even if we were to move all of the furniture out of a room. And there isn't any space in our fitness center that isn't taken up with some kind of exercise equipment. Maybe the parking lot? It's a bit more public a place than I would prefer, but anything is better than nothing. And I definitely need something.

But I digress. The whole point of this post is just to say thank you to those who trained with us last night and we miss you to those who weren't able to be there. And we love you to the entire Bass Karate Center family. May the next year be a happy and prosperous one for you all.


supergroup7 said...

OH I'm happy for you! It must have been nice to reconnect with all of those people.

Yes it is difficult to find an open, safe place to do kata when one's apartment/house is crowded..especially if you live in a snow filled country like mine.

If you could find a health center.. you might find an open gym there. I know that my husband belongs to one of these, and I always ask for us to reserve the badminton court for a half hour. Then I'll proceed to do kata instead of play badminton.

frotoe said...

That must have been great seeing your friends at the dojo.
Happy New Year!

Gary said...

Sorry I missed you Amber. Have you guys found a church yet? I love the church gym for practicing kata. Hope you're having a good New Year. Tell Michael I said hello.


Blackbeltmama said...

I hear you on the kata. Imagine the trouble I'll have after being out since October 2007. AHH, just thinking about it stresses me out.

It sounds like a very nice return visit.

pawpads said...

I'm learning Heian Yondan at the moment and thankfully have a long living room but have to keep running back to the laptop to see the next move as I'm not fluent yet.
I'm spending every spare minute trying to learn it ~ but Kata just doesn't come naturally to me.

Glad you had a nice visit back to your Dojo though.